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There are archeological evidence that Celts knew gold and silver as precious metals already 2000 BC, and many of the Celtic jewelry, such as rings were made of silver. Also this century Celtic wedding rings are made of silver or gold and these are rather popular as wedding bands because of the Celtic infinity knot engravings and the mysterious symbolism surrounding all of Celtic jewellery.

Sterling silver bracelets can be custom made and they can include Celtic silver, Celtic rings, cross engraved bracelets and knots. Another theme that has been used in silver Celtic bracelet is the tree symbol as it has a special place in the mythology. You can also buy sterling silver charm bracelet online and order any charm to add to your bracelet.

Men's bracelets are in most cases are made of silver and they are a bit wider than than the women silver bracelets. The most desired are the cuff bracelets made of leather and silver. Brown leather men's infinity symbol bracelet is the second favorite. Brown leather goes perfectly together with the sterling silver details and there are many variations how to combine it in a men's armband.

Men's Celtic leather wristbands, Claddagh ring and other jewelry can be found in silver and leather materials. If you ant more authenticity go for the leather in brown, black, green, deep navy and black shades. The leather Celtic wristbands are also available in several sizes and several widths.

It is also very advisable to read about the history and meaning of the symbols before making any purchases. Many of the symbols tell stories and long legends about and how people lived in the times. The mythology is incredibly important to understand the cultural significance of the symbols.

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