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Men's Celtic necklaces are typically made of silver or gold. The pendant with the Celtic symbol or ornament is attached to a leather cord or on a silver chain. Celts were using silver and gold already 2000 BC and their craftsmanship was perfected through centuries. The infinity symbols are quite often encountered in Celtic Silver pendants, as well as crosses.

Another meaningful and powerful Celtic Necklaces symbol is the Celtic tree. Celts were spiritually dedicated to exploring and believing in trees. They had the alphabet Ogham where each letter was dedicated to one tree. Each tree was sacred, each tree had a meaning, a symbol.

Many of the men's celtic jewelry items, particularly pendants, had a ornament of an intertwined tree, showing how life is interconnected with the nature. The birch symbolized birth, beginning of something new, rowan was a protection sign, alder manifested passion, oak represented stability and nobility and so on. These are just the most known meaning of trees in Celtic culture that have come to now days via means of written stories or part of the Celtic jewelry that is so rich with the Celtic signs. Trees were really important part of their spiritual life.

Men's Celtic necklaces and women Celtic necklaces are wonderful accessories and you can choose a jewelry with Celtic pendant with a sign or protection, passion or any other symbol. There are vast opportunities to find the pendant of your liking at great prices. We feature Celtic leather necklaces and silver ones for men and women. Also some gold necklaces and pendants are available.


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