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More and more people order Celtic rings as their wedding bands. These Celtic silver rings and gold rings are very special and many couples choose these rings to show their devotion, loyalty and eternal love, with the intertwined knot showing that there is no beginning nor end of the love.

Claddagh ring is of Gaelic origin. It features a crown and two hands around a heart that is located in the middle. It also is used to represent that one holds the loved one's heart in his/her hands. Claddagh ringThe silver Claddagh ring is worn on the right hand and if the person is in love with somebody then the heart is looking inward, if the heart is yet free, then it is facing outwards and thus is showing that the person is not romantically involved with anyone. The Claddagh ring is really popular as a wedding ring not only in Ireland, but in many other countries too, as the particular and interesting shape of the ring (holding one's heart in you handbs) together with the ancient mysticism make it a perfect wedding ring.

Rings are ancient accessories and the Celtic rings, that were made around 6th to 9th centuries, had the traditional engravings of Celtic knots or other well known symbols. Usually the men's rings have the weave Celtic knot details as signs of life's journey and infinity. Many Celtic jewelry items have the famous knot pattern or Celtic cross on them.

Rings originally were worn by the rich and noble, but today you can chose authentic rings and other silver or gold Celtic jewelry with various ancient or ethnic symbols and signs of protection, love or bravery. Have a look though the ancient Celtic jewelry, including brown leather men's infinity symbol bracelets, Claddagh ring or other Celtic jewellery.

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