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Celtic knot and cross are the most know Celtic signs, but the Celtic heritage is very rich of various symbols and notions that are closely related to the nature, trees, water, earth and everything else in the nature. Celts lived in accordance with nature and a large part of the Celtic mythology is based on this notion of respect for Mother Earth. Very little is certain about these ancient Celtic symbols and traditions and today the most reliable evidence are the stories that have been told to generation after generation for thousands of years. The Celtic culture is a rich culture, full of symbolism and here are the most known Celtic symbols that today are used in Celtic bracelets, rings or necklaces.

Celtic knot is one of the best known Celtic jewelry decorations, as the infinity embedded in the interrelated knots have been a source for various inspirational variations of the knot design. This stands for eternity and has been used in many wedding bands to show that true love does not have beginning or end.

Celtic Tree has a been a powerful source of inner strength, a symbol for energy and healing. Also the connection of the branches with the roots (in some representations of this sign) symbolize cycles in the Celtic life.

Celtic Cross is one of the most powerful symbols and it would be a huge understatement to say that it means only a completed lifecycle, as there is a an amazing blend of pagan ancient religion and rituals combined with the Christian cross. Some say it symbolizes spiritual navigation, however there are many explanations and theories.

Triskelion that looks like three legs symbolizes the competition and advancement. Triskelion has also several variations, where the legs have been spiraled. This symbol is used in Celtic necklaces and men's Celtic bracelets.

Celtic double spiral is used quite often in the drawings and it stands for balance in life. The spiral has also many other meanings and its representation in the culture is quite large.





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