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Celtic leather cuffs are a made of the finest leathers and the most popular bracelets are the the ones with recognizeable symnbols, such as the Celtic knot that stands for the symbol of eternity. Most of these wrist bands are made of a leather. The process is like this - he best leathers are chosen, then they are treated and dyed and then engraved with symbols and signs. However also silver braceletes are encountered quite often.
Traditionally the use of leather comes from a time when Celts were preparing for a war or fight and they took leather bands and put them around their arms for better support in the fight.

The Celtic symbol wristbands we know today have evolved from these rituals.

These wrist bands for men can be bought online and the usual color palette is the brown, black, green, gray, red and mahogany, as well as dyed deep blue. For special orders there can be more options.

The most popular symbols on these Celtic wrist bands for men are cross, Celtic knot, Celtic tree and in some cases the spiral or the Triskelion. It is also possible to order custom made men's leather ancient bracelets with other ethnic or tribal symbols.

Also the sizes can vary. The wider cuff bracelets are the traditional ones. All of these men's leather wristbands have an adjustable strap or buckle (in some cases the leather Celtic wristbands have the pushbuttons) to fit it to your arm. But it is also possible to order a custom size for any of the leather wristbands for men.


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